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Everyday Missionaries is not only for members of the Church, it is by members of the church. Many of the principles you’ll find here we learned from other members. How do you share the gospel? What’s working and what’s not? Share your missionary experiences—successes and failures!—and we’ll post them on the Experiences page. Your experience may be included in the next electronic edition of the book, as a new principle on this site, in future publications or spotlighted as an example to others who are seeking to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of the Restoration. Together we can discover God’s thoughts and ways of doing missionary work and align our efforts with His divine plan for His Kingdom upon the Earth.

Fill in the form below and share your experiences with us!  If you’re unsure what to write about, here are examples of some of our favorite posts which clearly exhibit the principles of everyday missionary work:

Finding:  “God answered my prayer in less than five minutes,” an experience about finding people for the missionaries to teach by prayerfully setting a deadline to find someone.

Teaching:  “From Allergies to Conversion–Giving your investigators homework works,” an experience about a missionary in California that gave his investigators a 7 step homework assignment illustrating the principle of teaching towards lasting conversion and teaching to study the scriptures.

Miracles: “Missionary Preparation Class,” an experience from Washington state, where a Stake Missionary Preparation Class taught real non-members leading to 13 people joining the Church illustrating the principle to ask people for help.

Also, we’d like to be in touch, so please include the following information. We can publish your story anonymously at your request.

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Tell us your story with plenty of detail and the related principles, just put the principle you’re talking about in parentheses after you mention it. Need a list of the principles taught in The Power of Everyday Missionaries? Here’s the page. We would love stories about how families, wards, and stakes have applied these principles.

Finding (helping the missionaries find someone to teach)
Teaching (experiences involving teaching the missionary lessons or a gospel principle)
Miracles (stories of how the Church in your ward, stake, or area have seen miraculous growth)

All submissions become the sole intellectual property of Clayton M. Christensen and the Everyday Missionaries Team, who may use any submission according to our sole discretion, which includes, but is not limited to, online and print publication, email newsletter distribution, and social media distribution.  If a person wishes to remain anonymous, or have their experience marked as private not for publication, please indicate such in the text of your submission.